The need to reduce the overall cost of production remains the number one objective within the pig industry with the feed cost having the biggest impact. With high commodity prices, there is also a shift in importance from growth rate to feed efficiency.

A low (good) feed conversion ratio implies that the gut health status is also working at a high level. A high gut health status is directly related to healthy gut enterocyte cells and proper villi structure, both associated with a stable gut microflora.

An ever growing and more complex load of toxins contamination in pig feed continue have a negative impact on pig productivity.

Continued genetic improvements of breeding stock challenge the nutritionist to formulate the correct balance of nutrients throughout the life stages to ensure the increased genetic potential is expressed in terms of ADG, FC and prolificacy.

Besides production performance is negatively affected by intensive production stresses leading to disease problems, immunological disorders and gut flora imbalances. These problems are more difficult to handle when additives such as AGPs, medicated premixes and Zinc Oxide are no longer available and require the use of alternative additives.

Here are some of the issues and solutions
developed by Innovad® Laboratories :

  • Cleaning and disinfecting water (water hygiene)
  • Productivity Enhancement providing water soluble nutritional supplements
  •  Productivity Enhancement with Water soluble esterified butyrins for leaky gut syndrome
  • Liver protection with herbal extracts nutraceuticals
  • Combat oxidative stress naturally
  •  Fortify the immune system of the animal
  • Control stress in presence of toxin contamination
  • Intestinal health solution to lower medication use and cost.
  •   First day energy source for piglets
  • Gut conditioner & anti-diarrhoea

Swine application