Dairy producers world-wide are confronted with numerous  challenges;

  • High raw materials and feed ingredient costs
  •  Variable prices for products milk, cheese, meat..

  • Constant pressure on providing high quality, safe end products
  • Increased production level

  • Metabolic challenges

  • Constant seek for higher feed efficiency

These technical challenges affect directly the ruminant health and well-being, noticeably during the most stressful period which are the early life stages of the calf or the cow transition period and early lactation.

To assist the producer, Innovad® Laboratories
has developed a dedicated line of solutions aiming at:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting water (water hygiene)
  • Calf Productivity Enhancement with Water soluble esterified butyrins for leaky gut syndrome
  • Liver protection with herbal extracts nutraceuticals
  • Mycotoxin prevention and control through drinking water
  • Intestinal health solution to lower medication use and cost.
  • Gut conditioner & anti-diarrhea for calf